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Why Fear is Overrated

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Fear is perhaps one of the greatest common denominators among people today. Everyone is afraid of something. From the smallest ant to the biggest retrenchment, it is a universal feeling that no one can deny.

The worst part is that fear, if allowed to fester, can be incredibly crippling. A man with the potential to be a great person can be reduced to a whimpering pile of mess. It is very much akin to clipping the wings of an eagle off, which is tragic.Read More

so what are you going to do with that

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So I recently wrote about following your heart when pursuing education. I mentioned that we should not let the fear of practicality paralyze us, but follow our hearts where it would take us. It certainly sounds all good and ideal, but I’d bet that you read that, nodded furiously in agreement… And went back to pursuing the most practical course in your institution (or at least, two-thirds of you would).

I recently found an article that would, IMO, be far more convincing.Read More

addiction tips

From Daniel: Addiction is certainly one of the greatest impediments to happiness, largely because it creates an illusion of happiness, however short-lived it may be. It takes very decisive steps in the right direction in order to break out from the chain of addiction.

The writer, Gerald Blackson, writes about substance abuse, health and education. His most recent work highlights the Top 10 Best Master’s Degree Programs in Health Informatics.


Addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or any other possible substance, is a life-threatening and purposeless experience.Read More

From Daniel: This is a guest post written by freelance writer Francis Lawson. He writes about helping your community and simple things such as providing inspiration through sports that can help the youth of today, and the future generations of tomorrow. 


Whether you’ve lived in your town your entire life, or you’re a newcomer there, it’s important that you contribute to the community as much as possible – communities are only as good as the people living and working within them.Read More

I learned one huge lesson this past week (and also the few weeks before), something that is increasingly getting lost in the noise of today’s society. And indeed, as I continue to write on this site, my thoughts are slowly but surely crystallizing and forming the ideal mindset that I believe everyone should have – or at least, a huge component of it – and this is one concept that floats to the top of it all.


Here it is.Read More