In the long run, branding will be the only way to stand out

Have you noticed?

These days, it feels like there’s not much to differentiate products in the same category. To-do list apps, for example, typically have features that let you:

  • add and organize tasks
  • organize your tasks in multiple ways (categories, lists, tags etc)
  • sync between mobile and desktop

Any to-do list app that doesn’t have any one of these features is automatically excluded from consideration.

It is getting more and more difficult to distinguish your product or service purely based on features and use cases.

So why does everyone know Todoist and not, say, TickTick?

In a word: branding.

Looking at SEO alone, has a stellar domain rating of 84, 500k in monthly organic traffic, and ranks for over 100k keywords. According to SimilarWeb, their website also receives more than 23 million visits per month.

When you think about to-do lists, you think of Todoist. IMO, this is the most sustainable way for a business to stand out from the rest.

What do you think?


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