A people-first approach to defining company culture

Company culture isn’t:

❌ Catered lunches

❌ Onsite baristas

❌ Branded tables and chairs (i.e. the return-to-office camp)

Neither is it:

❌ Unlimited vacation

❌ Work from anywhere

❌ Home office allowance (i.e. the remote work camp)

All these things are great, but when we hyperfocus on them individually, we miss the point.

💡 Here’s the point: (really) put your people first, and do what works best for them in their particular contexts. If your team primarily comprises introverts and young families (like ours), then it would be counterproductive to force them to come to the office.

However, if young, energetic professionals make up your team, then it makes sense to throw them together in an office setting to let the conversations and ideas fly.

Take a good look at your people first. Then decide on benefits and policies. Not the other way around.

Make sense?


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