A recovering tech startup executive

When I first started my business in 2018, I was a recovering tech startup executive.

I remember spending a lot of my time worrying about things like:

  • Getting media coverage
  • Being invited to conferences as a speaker
  • Raising funds I didn’t need
  • Getting onto the Forbes 30u30 list
  • Hiring big names or names from big companies

These days, I ponder more about:

  • Employee welfare
  • Profit sharing
  • Finding like-minded partners
  • Sharing our knowledge with (potential) clients
  • Hiring so our team has more margin in their lives

Don’t be bothered by what your peers are doing. Focus on your lane – what do YOU want to achieve, and how are you going to get there?

I want to build a long-lasting company with happy, engaged employees who deliver meaningful work for our clients.

How about you?


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