Writing For My Most Important Client Yet

Here’s the most ironic part about being a professional content writer/producer/marketer.

Just like Batman, with enough preparation time, you eventually find yourself being able to write about anything for anyone.

I found this to be especially true for myself, after a decade of developing and publishing literally hundreds of articles and books.

In gaining this invaluable skill to adapt to any brief, however, I realized that I lost the ability to write for someone really important.


The realization hit me as I read an article, The Memex Method.

In particular, this quote: “The availability of a deep, digital, searchable, published and public archive of my thoughts turns habits that would otherwise be time-wasters — or even harmful — into something valuable.”

As I read, reflect, and experience life every day, many insights come and go from my consciousness (some that I’m scarcely aware of). Yet most disappear into the abyss, simply because I need to prioritize the most actionable (i.e. revenue generating) ones to make a lead in marketing.

If you go back far enough on my blog (please don’t), you’ll find many rambling monologues which might seem utterly random – the disjointed thoughts of an immature lad. Looking back, though, I can somehow connect the dots forward to who I have become today.

Today, I want to start creating content for my most important client yet: Future Me.

For the moment, I want to forget all about SEO, keywords, and traffic.

This space is for me. Let me write for me.


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