The Best and Worst Parts of Writing

I know I’m definitely biased when I say that I adore writing. Writing is my instrument of both creation and destruction, the source and projection of my power, and so on. Clearly biased, right? But I mean every word that I say (and write).

However, I think that the words from the top bloggers and writers in Singapore would definitely lend greater weight to the best and worst parts of writing (certainly more objectivity than me). So I set out to get some opinions from them – here is what they have to say about the best and worst parts of writing.

“Best when everyone likes your post, worse when you don’t even get one comment even though you thought you wrote the best post of your life.”

– Dr. Leslie Tay (author of The End of Char Kway Teow and Other Hawker Mysteries) from

“Worse: Trolls.

Best: Fans.”

– Alvin Lim from (one of the top blogs and social media influencers in Singapore)

“Best Part: Sometimes, you get to keep those review items.

Worst Part: You get swarm with review items (even those you cannot keep) and unfortunately you can pick a few to review on.”

– Lester Chan from (ranked #1 on

“The best part of being a writer is that writing gets you out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to articulate these experiences for posterity. 

I really couldn’t find a “worst” part of being a writer because I like this work too much!”

– Melanie Lee, Freelance Writer from

“The best parts of being a full-time freelance writer:

When every pitch is accepted by editors and I see my stories in print.

The worst parts: 

Chasing after payments and having an irregular income.”

– Anthony Koh, Freelance Writer from

I certainly agree with most of the opinions offered by these high profile writers (especially with Melanie – writing is my life). At the end of the day, as writers we choose to pursue this track because the best parts about writing far outweigh the worst parts – though they can certainly be incredibly annoying and discouraging at times.

How about you? Does this encourage or discourage you from being a writer? Or are there any other good or bad parts about writing that we missed out? Or are there any other things you would like to learn about writing? Do leave your comments below – we’d love to hear your opinions too!


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