Hey there! My name is Daniel Tay. I was born in Sydney, Australia, and stayed in Tokyo, Japan for a few years after. However, I moved back to Singapore just in time for primary school, and I’ve been living here since.

Travel + Remote work

Travel has been a big part of my life since birth, and I’ve been carrying on the tradition with my choice to live as a digital nomad and work in different cities as and where my career brings me.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work remotely all these years, which has both enabled my wanderlust and opened my eyes to the world at large. My experience has turned me into a true believer in remote work, with its boundless potential to help people truly disconnect their identity from their work and discover life to its fullest.

In 2018, my wife Jan and I took a leap of faith and spent a couple of years living in Chiang Mai and immersing ourselves in Thai culture. We have plans to return to our newfound second home to pursue tentmaking when she graduates from her theological studies in 2025.

For now, Singapore is home.

Outside work, I also run a budding travel blog called Jayndee with Jan. We publish (infrequently) our itineraries, guides, and reflections on being on the road there.

With Content

Over the past decade, I’ve led editorial and content marketing teams at some of the finest tech companies in Southeast Asia.

Today, I’m the managing director of With Content, a calm content marketing agency I started in 2017. We’ve served 200+ clients since, bringing in over S$2.5 million in revenue.

We’re focused on taking a calm, long-term approach to building With Content, which hasn’t been the easiest journey, but certainly the most fulfilling looking back now.

Together, we also support Puhada, a social enterprise based in Chiang Mai, as well as various church ministries in Thailand and Singapore.


In my younger days, I used to be an extremely active sportsperson. In secondary school, I was particularly serious about basketball and soccer, and also represented my school in cross-country running.

As I entered the working world, I found myself having less time and energy to indulge in regular sports. It was also really hard to find others to play with.

Unfortunately, this led to a rapid decline in my fitness levels, which became especially apparent when the pandemic hit in 2020. This was also the time when With Content was taking off, and I was putting 100% of myself into getting it off the ground.

This wasn’t great for my physical and mental state. Something had to give, and I decided to pick up a new sport to reignite my passion for life beyond work.

In 2021, I picked up tennis, which I enjoyed immensely. I might have enjoyed it a bit too much, because I ended up accruing multiple chronic injuries, and switched to a lighter (but equally fun) new sport called pickleball in 2023. I hope to compete in amateur pickleball competitions eventually.

I also started doing more gaming on my PC and Nintendo Switch, which were previously underused. This developed into a hobby that helped me build stronger connections with a group of friends, as well as Jan, as we played together online and in real life.