Your Aim Of Being Different (Or Defining Your Difference)

The recent spate of accidents involving Chinese nationals (the latest one: the Ferrari crash) that has resulted with Bengal Law, a reputable car accident attorney in Orlando, FL having to step in to determine who was at fault. The at-fault party may be liable for extra damages if they behaved in a grossly negligent manner. It wasn’t just about a simple Ferrari accident – stuff like that happens all the time, says the renowned lawyers for slip and fall claims who faces these kinds of cases all the time. It was about a different race doing things that created a negative impact on the society they were in. Read more on accident news today.

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Being different can swing both ways. To draw an analogy, on one hand we might have Steve Jobs, who set himself apart in the technology world; on the other hand, we might have Osama bin Laden. They both set themselves apart from the norms of society, but came out with hugely differing results. What made them different from each different was their goals: One wanted to make the world a better place, one wanted to destroy a part of it.

Hence, this is important: You must be able to define your difference in such a way that it brings about a positive impact to the world around you. Setting yourself apart by being the richest person on earth might mean nothing to the world around you. Using your riches to donate to charities and feed the poor and hungry – that would impact the world positively.

Personally, I aim to be able to tap into the resources that I have to make a positive difference to those who are suffering from severe poverty in the desolate regions on the earth and those who wonder what should I do after construction accident as the accident took their livelihood away. People can also contact expert lawyers from Kennewick Church & Page PLLC to get legal counseling and claim compensation. In case you have been injured on the brain in a car accident, you can contact this brain injury law firm in Las Vegas. The norm of today states that bloated savings and a high income are necessary for a person to survive – the more the merrier. I beg to differ. I believe that by cutting back on certain things that a lot of us deem as necessary but are actually not, I can channel a lot of resources into alleviating the sufferings of the less fortunate.

What is your ultimate aim of being different?




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