Entering A World Of Possibility

world of possibility

world of possibility

I talked about abandoning the fear of losing control in the last post. The thing is, most people who read it would likely agree – and never do anything about it. Why? The answer is simple – we operate on certain assumptions about life that guide our fears, passions, feelings… So on and so forth. And these assumptions are like the Ten Commandments of our daily lives.


So when I told you to just let go and not be afraid to lose control, your likely reaction would be something like this:


“Yeah, that sounds just about right. We should be doing things that way. But… The world just doesn’t work that way. If we step outside of the paths to success, we’re likely to get lost and forgotten. Look at the sweeper down the street. That probably happened to him. So… It’s great and all, but I think I’ll pass”


That’s just about it, right? We’ve bought into the assumption that Losing Control = Failure In Life.


Indulge me for a while. What if there were no assumptions in this world?


Let’s take the same analogy: Step out of the academic line = Sweeper.


Oh, please. Do I even need to re-hash the number of successes that this century has seen of the so-called “uneducated”? Let me just name you a few: Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Walt Disney.


I’d like to think that these legends looked at that assumption in the face, rolled their eyes and laughed at it.


So, what if every assumption we’ve ever held in this world was utterly false? What if we were all living in a box made out of our own limited imagination?


That would be a world of endless, insatiable possibility.


And we can reach out to it – right this moment. Let’s explore it together. Let go, and let’s go.


Isn’t that marvelous? I’d like to say I thought up all this by myself, but I didn’t. I received inspiration for this concept in large part from The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal LifeEntering A World Of Possibility 1 (affiliate link) by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. A great, fantastic read, which I highly recommend.



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