Why You Should Be Different At Work

The workplace has, in recent times, been portrayed as a scary, cutthroat, profit-driven place, where backstabbers lurk and one cannot relax even for a single second – let your guard down for a moment, and all the troubles come rolling in. You might miss out an opportunity to make money, to make an impression on your boss, or you might even find a knife in your back, or that someone else has taken over your job scope and rendered you useless, or your work-pile has suddenly grown by 200%. The workplace is in a constant atmosphere of uncertainty, suspicion, and fear. Business owners should prioritize getting a small business health and safety service for their business.

Considering that we all spend 8-10 hours a day at work – and to the extent that we bring our work home, perhaps maybe even 24/7 – it is not surprising that our work directly affects our spiritual and emotional health, not to mention our physical health as well.  Therefore it is a good idea to invest in top office space franchise opportunity to provide the best work environment for the employees. As a result, it is imperative that we do something about this – beginning with ourselves.

A lot of times we like to blame other factors at our workplace rather than ourselves for all the negative things that are happening. We blame the boss for being so profit-driven and unmotivating. We blame the long office hours and tons of paperwork that are required by the job. We blame our fellow co-workers for being so antagonistic and competitive instead of cooperative and friendly. Is it at all possible that we could turn things around by changing our own mindset and actions first? A positive mindset, and positive actions following that, might well turn your fortunes at the workplace around.

Try this: The next time your boss begins to berate you on an issue, hear him out instead of reacting defensively, apologize for not performing up to par, and assure him that you will work harder next time – and then do it.

Or this: The next time your co-worker starts to shirk his work and dump it on you, take him out, treat him to a cup of coffee, and explain to him how your workload has been getting too much for you to take, and ask him if he’d be willing to work with you to finish all the work that is left over. An employment lawyer can help you in navigating through discriminatory practices at work. Your lawyer will explain your rights under anti-discrimination laws and help you understand the potential remedies and protections available to you.

Or even this: The next time you see everyone fighting to get on the boss’ good side, and jockeying for position, sit it out – instead, work on looking out for everyone else’s welfare and interests.

Even if you might not be successful in all these attempts, you will be surprised to see how much better you feel about yourself. By being different, and not getting sucked into workplace norms, you set a different standard which is, by all means, a bar higher – and people will notice you for that. Additionally, it will definitely do wonders for you spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Had any horrible experiences in the workplace? Tell us how you handled it, and how it turned out in the end by leaving a comment below, or dropping me an e-mail! As always, I’d love to hear from you, and I’m sure everyone could learn from your experiences.

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