What Are We Really Working Hard For?

Think about it.


Ever since we discovered the power of speech and writing (or even before), we’ve set sail and gone full steam ahead on a non-stop quest called life. We’re working hard for something at every stage in our lives – to be the top in class, best in the basketball team, most popular guy… So on and so forth.


And after a while it seems never-ending. There’s never a time when we’re not working hard for something. If we’re not, we’re deemed as the losers – idling our time away, wasting precious oxygen on this earth.


So we press on. From toddler to child. From child to youth. From youth to adult. And on to our graves.


And all for… What? Honour, prestige, accolades, certificates, money, pride, joy, a legacy… The list is unending.


And that’s the point. The list never ends. When will it ever end? Will there ever be a point where we are completely satisfied? Something that can quell the murmurings of our hearts, that yearn for something… more?


Perhaps it’s time to be silent. Listen to your heart. What should we really be working for?



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