The Thing About Passion

So far I’ve talked a lot about being different. Adopting a mindset that is different from the mainstream would free you up to discover a world of possibilities. The thing is, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the countless amount of possibilities and opportunities available in this world, and get lost in them. The convention of today says you should have an extensive resume, or an outstanding result slip proving you have taken 12 subjects – and aced all of them.


My belief is the opposite. Doing too many things at once spread thin your working capacity, and would likely result in many mediocre or sub-standard projects, or a very, very unhappy person (otherwise known as the overachiever).


That is why I recommended not long ago that you make a list of your passions. These would be the focus of your efforts. Less is more – it is far better to be excellent in a few things than fairly okay in many. After all, we were born gifted with certain abilities – it is best that we make full use of them rather than spreading ourselves thin on things that we are average at.


The thing about passion is this: It does not turn you into a commitment junkie immediately. How many times have you gotten excited over something and gone at it relentlessly… Only to lose steam in a couple of months? I remember having an incredible idea (or so I thought) of re-selling some stuff a couple of years back, and I worked really hard at it… for about 3 months. I lost interest with it thereafter, and the blog I set up to promote the selling was subsequently abandoned.


The thing about passion is that it is a long-term commitment. It still requires hard work to be put into it, for it to become something tangible and great. 


The good news? It might take some discipline, but if you’re truly passionate about it, you’ll find it to be less and less of a chore as you get the discipline and routine part nailed down. And it will become a huge source of pride and joy.


Then again, don’t be afraid to test your passion “waters” here and there. It is not unusual to have several passions over a period of time, and to find yourself hopping from one niche to another. However, eventually you would find yourself gravitating towards that one (or couple of) thing(s) that you just cannot stay away from. You dream of it all the time, you can’t go to sleep without thinking about it, and indeed, most of your waking moments are spent thinking about it. 


When you reach that stage – Congratulations, you have found your true passion.


Now, work at it.


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