The Question Of Choice

question of choice

question of choice

We all go through life doing things that we don’t actually want to do. The best part? Most of the time, we actually consciously made a choice to do those very things.


Often, we try to rationalize the choices we make. We tell ourselves we don’t actually have a choice – we need to do these things to attain some other end. An example: Attending classes that are entirely inconsequential to your life (or interests, for that matter) so that you can get attendance marks and make a good grade, and ultimately get a good degree. For what? So that we can get a good job after we graduate. Sound familiar?


Sometimes, though, we conform to these patterns of thinking because… Well, everyone is doing them. And since everyone is doing them, they must be the best options… Right?


Uh, wrong. The problem is that we, firstly, did not bother to think further at all. Staying within the drawn lines is so much easier, isn’t it?


Secondly, even if certain crazy, radical, mad ideas (see where I’m going with this?) did occur to us – so what? They are essentially crazy, radical, and mad – synonyms for not doable.


Are you doing things that you would never choose to do if you were given a choice? Is it really inevitable?



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