On Why I Stopped and Pivoted (And Why You Should Too)

It’s been a couple of months now since I’ve started this site. I’ve loved writing all these articles – largely because I’m really writing from the heart, and pulling out things from my mind that I’ve been pondering, day in, day out.


The Results Of My Ponderings


And as I’ve continued posting up to 2-3 articles per week, I guess you must have realized as well as much as I have, that my thoughts have settled on a single theme: Unconventionality + Passion + Social Consciousness = Happiness.


Initially, I began this site focusing on breaking out of norms, pursuing passions and living a larger life than you would have


Then it dawned upon me (as I wrote), that giving back to society was as important as personal development and learning. As one takes more in, one has a responsibility to give more back.


So, I have pivoted.


Out of the theme that I have settled on, I have pivoted and come up with a new focus for this site, which is to inspire a positive and generous mindset, with the ultimate goal of happiness.


So in essence, this blog will give you tips, strategies and advice on how to receive (taking steps to be positive), and how to give (taking steps to be generous) – or rather, how to give as you have received.


And when you do, sustainable happiness lies around the corner.


I hope that this will resound with you, dear reader, as it resounds with me. 


I have learnt my lesson – that I should follow where my heart goes. I was tempted to just continue with the theme of this site as it was. However, I knew that I wouldn’t do myself, this site, or you,  justice if i did. I knew it was time to pivot – so here I am, all pivoted and ready to go.


If all this is confusing you, don’t worry – I will be condensing all this into a single paragraph in time to come. This post is more about my mental process. 


Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome stuff 🙂


No Time Like The Present To Pivot


I encourage you to do the same in your life, too. It is always good to stop what you are doing, take stock of what is going on, and evaluate whether you are still on track and believe in what you are doing. If not, have courage – pivot towards what you believe in. This applies to so many things in life, such as education or work.


The challenge comes in two parts: Extricating yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life to take stock and do some self-reflection, and making the move to change and pivot. It has helped me many times over, and I believe it would help you too.


Have you ever had to stop dead in your tracks to re-evaluate the things in your life, and change paths completely? I’d love to hear your stories.


If you have any comments or feedback on this article, feel free to reach me on LinkedIn.

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