Personal Challenge: 365 Lessons Learnt In A Year

As I was doing some reading (Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup), it occurred to me that I was learning a lot of stuff (it is an awesome book – in fact, I will be reviewing it on this site very soon), and that, while I was taking it in mentally, I might actually lose track of the lessons learnt after a day or two. It also struck me that everyone learns a thing or two every day – the problem is, we hardly ever take these lessons down and really learn from them.


And every lesson not learnt or applied is a life-changing opportunity or inspiration wasted.


So here’s my challenge for myself: I will attempt to take down 1 lesson a day on this site, for 365 days (or a year). That comes up to 365 lessons in total. I think it is easy to mope and gripe about how lousy life is, but it would be more edifying and amazing to look back and see how many awesome things I’ve had the chance to learn. Only when we appreciate the little life lessons we come across every single day will we be able to take the steps to discovering ourselves and our passions. And I hope you will be able to learn something out of my experiences, too.


So starting from 1st June 2012, I will attempt to do post 1 lesson a day till 1st June 2013.


Interested in doing the same? Great, this shall be my challenge to you too – I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. All the best, and happy learning!




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