Music Is Happiness To The Soul

happiness in music

From Daniel: This is a guest post by Courtney Cummings, who is a writer, blogger and freelance journalist for several publications. She is currently writing blog content for Ticketmaster’s sister organization, As a student at the University of California – Santa Barbara, Courtney’s double major in political science and philosophy gives her an interesting perspective on her favorite topics, music and culture.

This post really resonates with me as I practically breathe and live music. I believe that music has the ability to heal the world and touch lives – especially your own. It has the power to make or break a person’s emotional state, values, and beliefs.

happiness in music

Many people go through life as if tomorrow will be the best day of their life. Tomorrow I will get that job, and then I will be happy. I will book my ticket to the Caribbean tomorrow, and then my life won’t be so terrible. What if tomorrow doesn’t come? You may be a healthy, productive member of society. This does not guarantee that you won’t be struck by lightning or slip in the bathtub while singing your favorite Whitney Houston song. It is important to live in the now.

People always use the cliché sayings like “Life is Short” or “Live in the Moment”. What do they really mean? Yes, life is short – and? Live in the moment, but what about the next one? The key to living a good life is about maximizing the world’s cumulative happiness every chance you get. Let’s face it; living solely for you is pretty selfish.

Music serves as one of the fundamental commonalities that humans share. Next to food and sleep, pretty much ask anyone and they’ll tell you they enjoy some music of some form. Regardless of genre or era, it is rare that you’ll find someone saying “Yeah, Uh not a huge fan. I prefer silence”. Whether it is blue grass or hardcore dubstep, music will bring people together.

Though all music provides some level of substance and value, different forms of music will drastically change your mood. Personally I love music when it is played through piano ,you can also learn by visiting . Moreover, ever find yourself completely depressed, but you can’t figure out what is wrong? You have overwhelming sadness and see no point of carrying on. After all, you are a tiny speck amongst a sea of people, planets and galaxies. This might be due to the style of music that is filling your ears. The lyrics you sing mindlessly put messages into your head that are difficult to shake. If you spend a lot of time listening to folk music and depressing indie bands you might find yourself in this position. In reality, these boys in black rimmed glasses grew up in the suburbs and have nothing to complain about. Don’t let them bring you down to their level.

You may be with the love of your life. Your partner is perfect in every way. They buy you flowers, remember your favorite color and have the approval of your parents. You, however, feel so alone and completely unsatisfied with the relationship. Well, have you been listening to Adele or Ingrid Michealson lately? Listening to women who have just been dumped sing about love is completely depressing. Don’t do it.

So, what should you listen to? There is no need to stay away from these genres that you love. If you are an indie fan, don’t worry because there are lots of hipster satisfying tunes that will feed your frenzy. Look for music with upbeat or soothing melodies and an overall good message. Don’t listen to music like you have in the past. Pay attention to the lyrics and understand the meaning before making it one of your 25 most played songs on ITunes. When you find these songs, you will feel satisfied on multiple levels. Share your new finds and you will truly maximize the happiness of others as well.


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