Love Is All You Need

Type “How To Be Happy” into Google and you’ll find a few million tips on that topic. I’m not even kidding. There are people who list up to 101 ways, while others condense it all into just 3 ways.

I’m going to do even better – I’m going to show you one infallible way of being happy all the time. Just 4 letters: Love.

Yeah, I can imagine all of you groaning and saying, “That is so cliche. Are you kidding me? Just love alone can make me happy?”

Well yeah, that’s precisely what I’m saying. Hear me out.

Love Yourself

First of all, you have to love yourself. That might seem obvious, but it might very well be the hardest thing someone can do.

To love yourself, you have to accept yourself for who you are – both strengths and weaknesses – and that is tough. Even now, there are many things about myself that I wish I could change. These are things that not only I find undesirable about myself, but things that other people (and indeed, society at large) deem as undesirable. In this way, my perception of myself is chained to the perception of others – and it is impossible to gain the acceptance of all.

But it is crucial that we accept ourselves first. It is only when we accept ourselves, that we can disregard external acceptance from others and truly love ourselves for who we are – and we will be happy with ourselves.

Love People

This step is not much easier. It is in our nature to judge others based on certain appearances or characteristics (such as through gossipping).

It is also in our nature to be self-centered. We live our lives wanting the best for ourselves. This is evident in almost every choice that a typical person will make in his/her life, all the way from education (“Which school would look the best on my transcript?”) to the workplace (“Which job would earn me the most money?”).

Yet, loving others would generate the most sustainable amount of happiness. When we offer our services to others, or do something that helps a person in need, we begin to live our lives for a cause greater than just our own. We need a Higher Purpose – loving others. 

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Once we do, we begin to find a higher level of happiness than we get when we only look out for ourselves.

Love Life

This, by far, will be the hardest challenge of all. After all, there seems to be so little to love about life. Education is tough and boring, work is competitive and mundane, friends betray us, loved ones let us down – just watch any Korean drama series and you’ll get a combination of all these things in some manner.

Yet, is it not wrong to say that it is all a matter of perspective? Or, in other words, it is so much easier to view the glass as half-empty.

Education can easily be rewarding, if viewed in that manner.

Work needn’t be so competitive if one changes his/her perspective towards it.

Some friends might betray us, but certainly there are those few others who will never do that.

How to love life? Count your blessings, instead of inspecting the half-empty glass. Turn that upside down – make it half-full (or even fill it up to the max with your optimism).

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