Lesson 2 & 3: Happiness Depends On Choices Made

I learnt this particular lesson (or rather, it stood out to me) over these past two days, hence I’m combining the two days.


The average adult makes about roughly 35,000 decisions in a single day. Most are fairly simple and no-brainers (i.e. whether to walk or run, eat or sleep). But there are a few moments of the day when you have no choice but to make a decision that will cause you to react in or feel a certain way.


I have been coming to certain realizations in my life about the people and circumstances in my life. Some are joyful (and Ikthank God for them), most are not so. Yet, I’ve come to realize that how it affects me (and my happiness) is largely a consequence of how I choose to react to it.


Some things are irrevocably tragic and downright sad. It cannot be helped – such things are unavoidable. What can be avoided, however, is how we let it affect us. I have decided that it is wise (and adds more years of life onto my lifeline) to focus on the happier things in life, than to waste energy lamenting the depressing.


Dwelling on the unhappy does not make it go away, after all.


One’s happiness depends on how one chooses to react to that particular event, or let it affect you. 


P.S. I will be away at a Leaders’ Retreat with my church for the next three days, so I will collate my lessons learnt over these days and publish them on Wednesday. See you in three days!




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