Less Is More Series Part IV: Less Thinking, More Doing

This is Part IV in my new 5-part series on how less is more in different ways!


I’m going to throw a huge generalization out there now, but one that you’ll be hard-pressed to agree with: People nowadays tend to be risk-averse. And for good reason – after all, this is the age of stupendous technology that can calculate anything, from the number of views your websites is getting to how much you’re earning per second on a product. So why not do the maths and the planning well first, before going all in on a project, right? Not point taking a risk.


Most of the time, however, it isn’t always as clear cut as that. There always is a margin of risk in any endeavor – it is inherently unavoidable. Business people know this, and they often have to take a leap of faith in their entrepreneurial efforts.


The problem lies in the fact that, more often than not, most people flee at the first sight of any risk. Risk-averse is putting it mildly – I’ll coin this phenomena as risk-phobia. Straying off the safe path is akin to facing the mighty giant with a blunt instrument in hand (“What? Just stones, and you want me to slay the giant?”) – nuts!


We’ve been inculcated with the habit of over-analysis, even for the smallest things. That is how kiasuism (scared to lose)┬ácame about. We must calculate every single cent and nook and cranny to make sure that we are not losing out anywhere. If we are, it is not worth it. We have been told to think carefully, consider every angle, calculate every possibility…


Thinking is not wrong. It is good to carefully consider options. But (as in all things), there is a delicate balance to consider – when thinking overtakes doing.


I’m saying that, in our present circumstances, we are more likely to think, think, think, and end up giving up on an idea, because of risk-phobia. Imagine if everyone gave up on their hopes and dreams because they thought it through, and it seemed unfeasible. No more iPhone, no more wireless internet. All you end up with is a lot of thoughts floating around in the air, and no results.


Let me restate this: I am not saying thinking is wrong. Fearing to act as a result – that is wrong. We need to be a courageous generation. It is only when we start to go all in, will creativity and innovation blossom. ┬áDare to do what is out of the norm.


Pause your thinking now – jump in and do, work it out on the way, and take a step towards your dreams today.


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