A Lesson In Humility

So this 365 lessons thing seems to be incredibly hard. I came into this thinking it would be a slight challenge, but entirely possible.


Boy, was I wrong.


Just a week in, and I’m struggling already. But this, to me, is a lesson in itself: To set fantastic but attainable goals for oneself, and to be humble in doing so. This applies to all goal-setting in general. Being ambitious is great, but there must always be a certain line of reasoning behind your dreams, a plan that is attainable when you go all out for it.


So here I am, realigning – I will endeavor to post 7 lessons per week (regardless of day of posting) for a year. That means 52 weeks worth of lessons, and still comes up to a cool 365 lessons over a year.


Sounds reasonable? I think so. But still a challenge in itself đŸ˜‰


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