7 Lessons Learnt: 17/6/2012 – 24/6/2012

Here are the lessons I have learnt from 17th June to 24 June of this year 2012.


1) Happiness tends to be relative to one’s circumstances…


…and it shouldn’t be the case. This only occurs when happiness is a feeling, a momentary high. Go for lasting happiness, which I talk about here.


2) We should enjoy every moment as it is, right in front of us…


…not scramble to take photographs or videos so that we can view it later. The point of maximum enjoyment should be the moment itself, and once it is lost, it is lost forever. Don’t pass it by just to document it.


3) A surefire way to failure is saying that you cannot do it out loud


As I mentioned before, possibilities on this earth are endless, because each of us has huge untapped potential. That said, once we say the most negative word on the face of this Mother Earth (“NO!”), we close any possibilities off immediately. If you don’t even try, it is a 100% chance of failure. Those odds are very easy to beat. Do it.


4) Old is the new New


People are starting to appreciate the old stuff nowadays. New isn’t always better, after all.


5) There’s gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me (More to Life by Staccie Orrico)


Oh, this seems rather similar to point 1. I’m attempting to drive home the fact that there IS more to life than just the high, or even the circumstances around you. A person always has the free will to do anything he or she pleases, but it is up to that person to make the move.


Now I just ran into point 3 as well. You get the picture.


6) Disconnecting from the world as we know it once in a while can be liberating


Especially the online world. I experienced this while I was in Taiwan, and the Wifi stopped working for a couple of days. I felt helpless at first, but as time passed and I decided to just forget about it, I enjoyed an immense amount of freedom! No more checking e-mails once every 5 minutes. No more fretting whether my site was getting any new page views. No more worries brought about by something external to me. All I needed to care about was the offline world around me, which has surprisingly less woes and worries than the online world.




7) Perfection is overrated


If everyone was perfect, the world would be incredibly boring. Everyone would be the exact same person as the next one. Our various strengths and weaknesses are what differentiates us and makes us special.


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