6 Helpful Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

From Daniel: Ryan Rivera used to suffer from panic attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life helping those who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression through his writings.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.

This article brings up the oft-mentioned topic of work-life balance (previously mentioned here). Enjoy Ryan’s refreshing perspective!

work-life balance

Have you ever felt that you are overwhelmed by the work load that you have? Do you feel that it becomes an effort for you to go to work? It seems that you are having a work-life imbalance. Unfortunately, it is easy in this modern-age for you to get burn out through stress and anxiety. Smart people try to carve a work-life balance as a sort of tactical retreat. Luckily, there are many ways for you to bring back your work-life balance.  Just check out the following helpful tips.

Adhere to your schedule

Make sure that you work within your work schedule. Extending your work is a sign that there is an imbalance. If you work longer it exposes you to more stress which can become harmful to you. Exert effort to finish everything within eight hours so that you will no longer have to work extra. The more time for relaxation and less time working is a sign that you have balanced work-life effectively.

Put some downtime in your schedule

Planning your week should include downtime. Make it a point that you have time allotted for relaxation and bonding with family and friends. Put some time to allow you to do some exercise or any physical activity such as weekend games of baseball or basketball (find here more about this sport). Getting more time to bond with family will be beneficial to increase the feel-good chemicals in the brain. Remember that life is not just all about work.  We also need to have time to bond with our families and loved ones.  Otherwise, your main objectives for working so hard may be in vain.

Don’t fall in love with adrenaline

Okay, adrenaline will surely keep you going. The extra energy will tempt you to work longer which will prove detrimental in the long run. Too much adrenaline will make you more stressed which will make you want some more when adrenaline levels slide down. If adrenaline levels are not sustained it can lead to depression, inability to relax and could lead to sleeping problems. Be a keen observant of your own adrenaline levels.  Make sure that this will drag you towards making a slave of yourself as you work form sun up to sun down.  Remember that all of us need some down time.

Ask for other’s help

Asking for other’s help to accomplish something will ease tensions. It is a good way to wiggle yourself out from stressful situations that you may face every workday. Pride sometimes hinders people from asking help. Some people don’t want to bother other people. These reasons keep people from asking help which can overwhelm you and lead you to a stressful situation. Asking for help from other people will not make you less of a human being.  In fact, it is when we ask for help that we realize that we are indeed humans who are social beings by nature.  Not to mention the fact that as you ask help form other people you are in reality making them feel that their presence matters a lot to you.  So, go ahead and never hesitate to delegate those extra loads you have.  Asking for help and delegating some tasks will greatly relieve you from much stress and anxiety.

Just say NO

Learn to decline anything that other people ask you to do which you feel is unimportant and not urgent. Politely tell them that the tasks that they are asking you to do will not create an impact to your productivity and does not add value to the business. However, do not be abrasive or rude. Say it straight and true.

Keep your Smartphone away

A large car manufacturer asked its employees not to respond to emails after work. The result was better productivity and happier workforce. Smartphone made people more connected to the office. It proved very disastrous in keeping the right work-life balance. Being exposed to the activity at the office even if you are at home extends the stress which the workplace exerts on the worker.

Work-life balance simply means you don’t have to work long and hard. Sometimes working just right will prove more sustainable and improve productivity. Healthier employees are able to work more and call in sick less. Healthy workers are happy ones that have balanced work-life. As an employer, you can recommend your workers the supplements from buoyhealth.com in order to boost their health.


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