5 Tips to Keep Addiction At Bay

addiction tips

From Daniel: Addiction is certainly one of the greatest impediments to happiness, largely because it creates an illusion of happiness, however short-lived it may be. It takes very decisive steps in the right direction in order to break out from the chain of addiction.

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In fact, millions of people have been rehabilitated at drug rehab at WhiteSands and had their lives turned around thanks to these programs. Relapse is possible, though. Somehow, former addicts begin to take illicit drugs and substances and develop addiction again. This isn’t quite a shocker nowadays since the streets are paved with drug dealers and pushers alike. To help you keep your awful past at bay, below are five tips to consider.

Continue Attending Sessions

You may think it is impossible or unnecessary to continue attending meetings and simply go ahead with your fresh clean life. On the contrary, it is imperative to remain active and participate with these gatherings and events. By planning ahead, you can still make room for such occasions.

An hour or two a week should suffice. Not only will this aid you in sticking to your daily lifestyle, but also give you time away from stress sources of your natural environment.

Vent Out Feelings

Do not keep things bottled up inside you. Instead, let it out by telling a friend, family member, or anyone you trust, even if that means an anonymous chat room.

By expressing your feelings, you’ll be able to let off pressure and get immediate help and advice from peers who understand the situation.

Get Supporters

Assigning yourself a supporter or attending a support group is a great way to keep addiction at bay. This group of people understand you well as they are experiencing the same thing you are in. You should also find a rehab center like https://confidentialrehab.co.uk/ that has great facilities to help your body and mind relax during the treatment.

At the same time, avoid people who do not support or even care about your recovery and your undertakings away from drugs and alcohol. Replace them with friends and family who love and support you. This positive environment is conducive for a long-term addiction-free lifestyle.

Keep Yourself Busy

It makes sense, right? If you don’t have time to spare, there is a strong likelihood that you won’t be thinking of using drugs or drinking alcohol.

Start a new TV show, join a club or re-connect with loved ones. The days go by much more quickly and easily when you’re invested in something new and enjoying your time.


Proper Diet

Dieting is an underrated factor when it comes to staying off addictive substances. Most people think that the food they eat doesn’t have any link to a potential relapse. However, diet is connected to how you feel.

If you eat well, you feel happy and healthy. This goes the other way around. Eating fast food and junk food will only lead to depression and stress, which is a shortcut for recurrence of addiction problems.


If you do fail, always perceive it as something you can learn from and improve yourself for the better. Seek immediate advice and support to prevent the problem from escalating.


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