5 Great Ways That You Can Contribute To Your Local Community

From Daniel: This is a guest post written by freelance writer Francis Lawson. He writes about helping your community and simple things such as providing inspiration through sports that can help the youth of today, and the future generations of tomorrow. 

Whether you’ve lived in your town your entire life, or you’re a newcomer there, it’s important that you contribute to the community as much as possible – communities are only as good as the people living and working within them. Contributing to your local community can help to keep towns and cities in good condition while also giving you a great feeling of altruism. There’s no better feeling than helping those in need and doing something good without any financial or other kind of reward, so if you haven’t contributed before here are five great ways that you can start helping out:


Every city, town and even village is likely to have some kind of charity that you can volunteer at. It could be a globally known charity, a lesser-known one, your local homeless shelter, animal shelter or an outreach program. You could volunteer in a shop, factory, or out on the streets, whatever you do though you can guarantee that the organisation will be more than happy to welcome you onto the team.

A lot of people claim they haven’t the time to volunteer but this often isn’t true – practically everyone has a spare hour here or there that they could devote to helping those that need it most.

Raise money for charity

Raising money for charity can be incredibly fun and very rewarding. Even if you’re only able to raise a few pounds the charity will be thankful, and you could always ask your boss if your entire workplace could get involved in your fundraising efforts.

You could hold a fancy dress day with people donating a pound or two on the day, or you could ask people to sponsor you for something, such as running a marathon or going on a long-distance bicycle ride. As bicycle accident injury cases are raising day to day it is important to obey traffic rules while celebrating. You don’t necessarily need to do anything exerting though, you could simply hold a cupcake sale or make and sell cards for an annual holiday like Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas.

Look after your home

Not all of your community efforts need to be difficult; they could involve something as simple as looking after your own home. It can be done without depending on others unless required, like King Green for outdoors.  If you keep your property nice and tidy it can make your street much more attractive, which will help to keep the area prosperous.

Without being rude or insulting you should also encourage your friends, family and neighbours to do the same – You can also look this website to mow and repaint the garden.

Pick up litter

A lot of people organise litter-picking days and there should be one in your area as well – if there isn’t you can always start one up yourself! Whether you do it with other people or on your own though, going around your town and picking up any litter and rubbish will make it much neater and appealing to visitors and residents.


Recycle bins are available on almost any street or road nowadays, so recycling really couldn’t be any easier. By recycling you will be helping your local council to reach its recycling targets year on year, as well as doing your bit for the environment.

How do you like to give back to the community?




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