I love social media. Everywhere I go, I am always flipping and scrolling away on my iPhone; keeping up with the latest news in the world and in my friends’ lives; always trying to be the first to grab the hottest articles and retweet or post them on my Facebook wall – so that I would receive the gratifying thumbs up appear in my notifications on my iPhone or computer.


I admit, I would be incredibly uncomfortable not being able to access my usual social media channels for a couple of hours.Read More

The street is chock full of complaints about how life is too busy, too boring, too normal, too purposeless, too meaningless.


Forget the normal life – these people and organizations have taken the liberty of taking control of their own destinies and found their passions outside of the box in various refreshing ways. For some, it is often for a cause much larger than themselves.


Need inspiration to do the same? Here it is – my top 9 list of unconventional passions you should check out right now.Read More

This week is proving to be an incredibly tiring week, but also a week of many, many lessons. I’m back from church camp, but I’ll be off to the 30 Hours Famine Camp organized by World Vision this afternoon.


I wouldn’t want to rush out a sub-par post for the sake of filling this spot up here, so I will sit down on Sunday, reflect and journal the lessons I have learnt over this entire week in one sitting for you guys.Read More

I learnt this particular lesson (or rather, it stood out to me) over these past two days, hence I’m combining the two days.


The average adult makes about roughly 35,000 decisions in a single day. Most are fairly simple and no-brainers (i.e. whether to walk or run, eat or sleep). But there are a few moments of the day when you have no choice but to make a decision that will cause you to react in or feel a certain way.Read More

Today, I had the fortune of running an experiential session at a Boys’ Brigade camp in Fairfield Methodist Primary School, as part of World Vision Singapore’s youth engagement effort.


During our presentation on the plight of the Cambodian children, what I realized was that the primary school students could not sympathize with them. A lot of the usual reactions erupted (“Eee, drink water with worms in them??”) but few valuable insights made (“I also suffer a lot in Singapore what!”).Read More