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ideal job passion practicality

The age old debate. What is more important – to find a job you are passionate about, or to find one that puts food on the table? The notion of happiness has, in recent years, become a topic of heated debate. As a result, students working their way up and out into the corporate world are beginning to question their career choices. What job will make me the happiest?

I always dread making small talk with strangers, because invariably we would reach a point where we would touch on one of the greatest icebreaker questions of all time:

“So, what do you want to work as?”

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longtail boat thailand

So I’ve finally collated all my photos and thoughts about the trip. I actually returned to Singapore on June 4, but the tidal wave of random things to attend to swept me up for the past weeks. I really miss the slow, steady lifestyle that Thailand offers.

Nevertheless, here are the highlights of the rest of my trip – from various parts of Krabi, finally ending at Phuket.


Krabi, Ao Nang: Sleepy old town

We arrived at Ao Nang in the wee hours of the night, and checked in at Aree Tara Resort.Read More

Machines are taking over the world? Um, yeah, I can totally see that coming. It is definitely one of Man’s greatest fears yet. Here’s an interesting prediction of which jobs are going to extinct, when (click to enlarge)

jobs extinct

Image Credit: Staff.com

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chatuchak weekend market

So Bangkok has been as expected so far – a simple, uncomplicated time of endless shopping, amazing food, and breathtaking massages. Here’s a quick recap of the highlights so far.


Accommodation: Amar’s Apartment through AirBnB

So we booked our first stay through AirBnB, and found this quaint but superbly equipped apartment owned by a French gentleman named Amar.

airbnb bangkok apartment

Strong wifi signal, speakers in every room (with an iOS dock in the living room), air-conditioned throughout, and comfy, clean beds.Read More