Ready to leave the old life behind, renew your mindset, and begin living life with an insatiable passion? Here are 3 things you can do this very moment to prepare for your journey – its going to be a great one!


   1) Question

Question everything around you. Don’t just accept answers thrust to you – ask, ask, ask!

Why must everyone go through with education all the way till the college standard, when some of us already have a burning desire to do something else already?

Why am I still struggling away at my job, living life for pay day year in year out, when I could make my passion my work?

Why is Coke so incredibly addictive?

Okay, the last one isn’t exactly relevant, but you get the picture.

(Note: Apparently Coke’s special ingredients were released last year, hmm.)


   2) De-clutter

Look around you right now. Are you surrounded by a mess of items that you hardly use? Or things that you have used so often that you simply could not live without them?

Here’s my challenge: Really think about those items that are in your life now. Could you not survive without them? If you think you could (and there is a high likelihood that you can – just look at the caveman), then start throwing out things ruthlessly today.

Remove dependency from your life, one item at a time.


   3) Passionize

Yeah, I made that word up. Passionize yourself now. Take out a paper, and write down all the things that you can’t stop talking about. It could even be about your dog, or your incredible girlfriend – put it all out there.

Look through your list, and start to hype yourself up. Imagine what you could do with each passion you have listed. Envision living in the Alps with your girlfriend, earning passive income off the Internet with your exciting travel stories and e-books in 5 years. Put a smile on your face.

My dream would be to be living an absolutely carefree life, operating an outsourced online freelance writing business from a small farm in New Zealand, together with my current girlfriend. Seems simple – but its a start 😉


I’m really interested to know all of your passions. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what your huge and ambitious dreams are for living out your passions!


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